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How Violent Sexual Felonies Affect California Spousal Support

California Family Code Section 4324 concerns how violent sexual felonies committed by one spouse against another can affect their divorce.

Changes in California Family Laws

State laws are constantly changing and family law is no exception.

Understanding Asset and Debt Division in a Divorce

Per California law and unless you have a valid prenuptial or postnuptial agreement, all property, assets and debts acquired after marriage belong jointly to both spouses.

Should I See a Divorce Attorney if My Former Spouse and I Agree on Changes to our Divorce Agreement?

The stipulations of a finalized divorce agreement can vary widely depending on the specific circumstances of the couple involved.

Baby Boomer Divorces on the Rise

Divorces among baby boomers are soaring, according to the latest statistics. In 1990, only ten percent of those getting a divorce were over the age of 50.

Study Shows When Marriages May Begin to Fail

A British study in which 2,000 married adults were polled about their habits showed a definite end to married bliss.
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