Hutchinson Law Articles What are the benefits of an uncontested divorce?

What are the benefits of an uncontested divorce?

By Hutchinson Law  Jun. 17, 2010 4:42p

What are the benefits of an uncontested divorce?

When faced with the prospect of a divorce, there is no way of avoiding the fact that it will be an emotionally trying, stressful time. By nature, divorce is messy. There are, however, paths that can be taken to make the process as painless as possible. If both parties involved are able to come to an agreement on the various factors involved, it is feasible that it can be kept out of the courtroom and turn into an uncontested divorce. Such a case would mean that less time, money, and stress would play a part, making the split as clean as possible. When you can untangle yourself in such a manner, it is that much easier to move forward in your new life.

Even if involved in an uncontested divorce, there are several issues that must be resolved. Such things include the division of property, the division of debts, child support, child custody, visitation rights, time sharing, alimony, and more. There is no way for a completely painless transition to happen, but by avoiding a bitter court battle, you can make it where both you and the other involved party can walk away with your best interests protected. Not to mention, the network of relationships affected by such a split - whether it be in-laws, children, siblings or friends -- will be as jarred as little as possible.

Why do I need an uncontested divorce attorney?

If a divorce manages to avoid the messy, painful waters of becoming contested, it does not by any means suggest that there is no need for a skilled attorney. The court will still play a role in your future, and by securing the help of a Jacksonville divorce lawyer at Hutchinson Law you will be taking the necessary steps towards protecting your interests.

In Florida, when pursuing a divorce, there are several requirements that must be fulfilled for proceedings to move along smoothly. When you have the skill and experience of a divorce attorney at your side, you can be reassured that every inch will be covered and no loose ends will be neglected. By allowing yourself the protection of putting your future in capable hands, you are giving yourself the opportunity to create a sturdy foundation to build the next chapter of your life on. The less fighting and disagreement involved, the smoother the process and the easier it is to heal and move on.

Whether you are entering into a contested or an uncontested divorce, contact a Jacksonville divorce lawyer at Hutchinson Law today.

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