Hutchinson Law Articles The Advantages of Collaborative Divorce

The Advantages of Collaborative Divorce

By Hutchinson Law  Feb. 13, 2012 11:11a

Looking for a way to get through the difficult process of divorce without costly, timely, and bitter courtroom battles? If you and your soon-to-be ex-spouse have disagreements about various issues, from child custody to marital property division to spousal support, you may want to consider a collaborative divorce. This divorce process guarantees you the considered skills and knowledgeable advice of your own divorce attorney without the necessity of appearing in court. Your divorce issues will not be decided by a judge who hardly knows you and who may have hundreds of cases pending. You will not be forced to obey that judge’s final determination about issues that may be very personal and close to your heart.

In collaborative divorce, you and your spouse will each retain your own divorce attorney for counsel. You will meet privately with your attorney as well as in 4-way sessions with your spouse and his or her attorney to work out divorce terms that you both can accept. These sessions will take place in a private setting outside the courtroom, on your schedule, at your convenience. You and your spouse will agree in advance that you will not litigate. If the collaborative agreement breaks down, you will both have to seek other attorneys to represent you in further divorce litigation. During the collaborative process, you can use other professional experts, such as accountants or child psychologists, to help you reach mutually workable agreements.

Enlist the Services of a Jacksonville Divorce Attorney

At the law firm of Hutchinson Law in the Jacksonville, Florida area, you will find an experienced Jacksonville divorce lawyer who is trained in the techniques of collaborative divorce. The legal team at the firm encourages this gentler, saner approach to divorce in cases where parties are open and willing to compromise and cooperation.

If you are looking for alternative methods for the divorce process, let an experienced and skilled attorney at the firm help you understand the procedure and benefits of this new and non-confrontational type of divorce. You might be pleasantly surprised at its workability and results.

Contact a Jacksonville collaborative divorce attorney at the firm today.

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