Hutchinson Law Articles Reformers Seek Changes To Florida Alimony Laws

Reformers Seek Changes To Florida Alimony Laws

By Hutchinson Law  Dec. 17, 2012 12:15p

New Legislation Could End Permanent Alimony Throughout State

If a group of lawmakers has their say, a new bill could be passed through the Florida state legislature that would change the parameters of alimony payments tremendously. Supporters of the bill say the proposed changes more closely align the outdated laws to fit modern society.

According to many of the most vocal supporters of the proposed changes, Florida's current divorce laws are too punitive on the part of the higher-earning spouse. One woman, a member of a croup dedicated to alimony reform, claims that the current system unfairly forces the spouse with more money to permanently pay the lower earner, assuming an outdated paradigm of stay-at-home wives and breadwinning husbands.

"These laws were created in a time, and I call them the June Cleaver days, where the traditional family roles were assumed," the woman told reporters. "And I know very few families that operate like that today."

Critics Of Bill Argue It Could Create Several Problems For The State

A similar reform bill passed the House of Representatives in the previous session, but failed to get through the tougher Senate. This time, however, supporters say they are optimistic of the legislation's chances.

The most drastic change made by the proposal would be the complete banning of permanent alimony. The draft also includes a formal guideline for judges to use to set the payment, taking into account the length of the marriage as well as the relative income levels of the spouses. If a judge wishes to deviate from the formula, he or she must provide a written explanation why.

Enemies of the reform, however, argue that it goes too far in the other direction, unfairly punishing the lower-earning spouse. In addition, members of the Florida Bar voiced concerns that the bill would open up every current alimony agreement to be renegotiated, flooding the already overcrowded legal system with new cases. Supporters, claim, however, that the changes are necessary to prevent alimony abuse.

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