Hutchinson Law Articles Florida Takes 1st Spot on Divorce Rankings

Florida Takes 1st Spot on Divorce Rankings

By Hutchinson Law  Apr. 5, 2011 9:38a

An online news magazine The Daily Beast placed Panama City as thedivorce capital of the nation in an article posted on October 20 th, 2010. Among the top 50 list, 11 cities across Florida were listed and four of them, were among the top ten. In Panama City, the divorce population is at 15.5%, following closely behind is Jacksonville, Florida, which ranks number 9 with a divorced population of 13%. If you are heading towards divorce, you should speak to a family law attorney for legal assistance.

Why are the divorce rates so high in Florida? There is a school of thought that believes that many married couples come to Florida in order to escape their problems. Many of them think that the warm weather and sunshine will improve their marriages, only to find out that palm trees and sun won’t fix their problems.

As far as Panama City, ranking number 1, it can be difficult to maintain a marriage when you live within a party city. Large numbers of spring breakers, tourists and raging parties on a regular basis can make it hard for people to resist temptation and focus on their own relationship.

Another issue which monopolizes many divorces, no matter where you live is the age old problem of finances. In today’s economic climate, unemployment and underwater mortgages, especially in Florida, whose economy was one of the hardest hit, contribute to the high divorce rate that Floridians are infamous for.

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