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Contested Divorce Issues

By Hutchinson Law  Mar. 7, 2011 2:40p

Contested divorces are often the most difficult, expensive and lengthy of all divorce processes due to the inability of the two spouses to cooperate and come to agreements regarding the terms of their divorce. Whenever a couple is unable to agree on the matters of their divorce, it will usually be taken to court where the judge will inevitably decide what the final terms of the divorce will be, if the spouses cannot do so themselves. If you believe that you will soon be involved in a divorce or are currently involved in a divorce a Jacksonville divorce attorney can assist you with your case and work to protect your rights on all of the issues that you will face.

All divorce cases have certain matters that will have to be settled before the divorce can be finalized. Some of the issues that will inevitably be discussed include property division and equitable distribution, spousal support, alimony, and if children are involved, child support, child custody and visitation rights. Matters involving children are usually the most hotly contested and heatedly argued over in contested divorces. By working with a skilled and experienced attorney you can make your case and work on finding a solution that will meet your needs, protecting your rights as a parent and as a part of the marriage. The welfare and future of your child is absolutely important, as well as the state of your finances so that you can continue to live comfortably within your lifestyle.

Jacksonville Contested Divorce Attorney

If you are involved in a contested divorce due to disagreements with your spouse and a hostility or lack of communication that prevents coming to an agreement, an attorney can help you protect your rights and fight to ensure your needs are met. At Hutchinson Law, the attorneys will work diligently and fight aggressively in pursuit of your interests in the divorce case.

Contact a Jacksonville contested divorce attorney at the firm for legal aid with your case.

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