Hutchinson Law Articles Common Myths Surrounding Military Divorce

Common Myths Surrounding Military Divorce

By Hutchinson Law  Jul. 26, 2010 10:19a

Military divorces are often messy, complicated things. There is hardly ever a way to get through them easily or without some sort of financial or emotional strain on both parties involved. Beyond this initial struggle, there are, however, many myths that have gotten couples in trouble concerning both the money and time invested into the divorce. Some of the largest myths of military divorces are the ones relating to military retired pay. As retirement for the military can often be in the excess of $100,000, it obviously plays a large role in the allocation of funds during the divorce process. Many people simply assume that awarding portions of retirement pay is the beginning and the end of payment for the other spouse, but that simply is not true. Courts will often assign additional payments on top of this, including funds to be sent for child support or alimony, for example. Many people also believe that it is required for the marriage to have lasted at least ten years before the spouse is entitled to military retired pay, but as soon as the ink is dry on the marriage certificate, they are eligible to receive a share. They do, however, have to have been married ten years before they receive the payment directly from defense finance center.

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When approaching any divorce, whether it involves military members of civilians, it is vital that you enlist the help of a skilled divorce attorney as soon as possible to begin looking after your rights. Here atHutchinson Law, we understand the complex and intricate nature of divorces and are completely dedicated to looking after the best interests of our clients. Whether helping our clients avoid the pitfalls of common myths or simply working with them to reach a desired settlement, we are dedicated to giving nothing but our best effort in every case.

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