Cairns Law Offices Articles Pennsylvania Divorce: Easy Style with E-Divorce System

Pennsylvania Divorce: Easy Style with E-Divorce System

By Cairns Law Offices  Jul. 25, 2013 9:50a

John and Marsha were Pennsylvania high-school sweethearts who got married right after college. John went on to become a computer analyst for a high-tech firm while Marsha taught elementary school in their local area. After a few years, they bought their first starter home and began to think about having a family. But after a few years of trying, pregnancy eluded them. The stress of trying to conceive began to put a definite strain on their marriage. John was ready to move forward and forget about the medical expenses and emotional pressures of their problem; Marsha was not. Eventually, this once-happy couple had drifted so far apart that they no longer had anything to say to one another. At that point, they decided that their purposes no longer aligned and the marriage was over.

Neither of them wanted a long drawn-out and expensive divorce. Despite their differences, John and Marsha knew that blaming the other through courtroom litigation was a waste of time, money, and emotional energy. They simply wanted to make a clean break and move forward with their lives. They could both agree on how that should be done as regards their home, vehicles, household goods, savings, and debts. Since they had no children, that issue did not apply. What they wanted is known as an uncontested, no-fault divorce which is the simplest, easiest, and least painful divorce process. In fact, it is a process that can be done through an online system without ever having to go to court or even a law office. It is fast, affordable, and easily done when the divorcing couple can agree on the terms and the process.

Pennsylvania Uncontested Divorce Lawyer

If you and your spouse both agree to divorce, you do not have to go to a conventional divorce law firm and pay hundreds or thousands of dollars to do so. Instead, you can complete your divorce through Cairns Law Offices where Attorney Jim Cairns has created a unique, online system called The Divorce Wizard. This system analyzes your case, determines if you qualify for an uncontested online divorce, calculates your legal fees, and allows you to file your case with Cairns Law Office online. The system makes it possible for you to obtain an uncontested no-fault divorce at the lowest fee possible in the state of Pennsylvania. You can be divorced in as little as 30 days. Like all of his clients, Attorney Cairns went through the divorce process himself. He realized that many people like John and Marsha in the story above just want the process completed as quickly as possible. They want to be able to move forward quickly into the next chapter of their lives. This system allows that to occur without all of the stress, anxiety, time and travel requirements to law offices and courthouses as well as the huge dollar amount that can accompany a contested divorce. If you believe this is the best way to achieve your divorce, contact the firm to get started or visit online at

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