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Divorce in Pennsylvania

By Cairns Law Offices  Sep. 3, 2013 5:00p

Based on the latest data from the U. S. Census Bureau, the highest numbers of divorced persons in Pennsylvania reside in Meadowlands at 38.6 percent, Aspers at 38.7 percent, Chalkhill at 42.2 percent, Green Hills Borough at 50 percent, and Buffington at 57.1 percent. These have been called the "most-divorced" towns in the state.

Many reasons and conflicts may lead to a divorce. Based on research about why a divorce occurs conducted by the National Fatherhood Initiative, the leading reason for a couple to seek a dissolution of their marriage is a lack of commitment. A survey done by this group showed that 62 percent of divorced persons stated it as a contributing factor in their divorce. The next biggest factor was that of arguing too much, which was damaging to the relationship and did not lead to any type of resolution.

The third most common reason for divorcing was infidelity on the part of one or both spouses. This reason was followed by the following list of divorce causes in descending order of percentage expressed on the survey: the consideration that the person had married at too young an age, that he or she had unrealistic expectations about marriage, that he or she had more responsibility placed on their shoulders than their spouse, not being prepared for marriage, and the occurrence of domestic violence in the marriage.

Pennsylvania Uncontested Divorce Lawyer

As shown above, many non-optimum situations can lead to divorce. These can be painful and upsetting to the parties involved. When they cannot be remedied, however, the resulting divorce does not have to be a painful, lengthy, or combative process. For anyone living in Pennsylvania who wants to be divorced easily, quickly, and affordably, an uncontested divorce may be achieved through Cairns Law Offices, which provides a simple, no-fault divorce through an online service.

This e-divorce is not done through a kit or paper mill. All of your divorce services are done by an attorney who prepares and files your documents. You can call and talk to an attorney in a free consultation who will start your case immediately. If you qualify for this type of divorce, your divorce can be completed in as little as 30 days. Your total fees will be calculated through the online documentation and you never pay any more. Your case is completely confidential and can be accomplished for the lowest fees in the state, with no hidden costs. Contact the firm or visit its website at to learn more about this remarkable internet-based firm today.

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