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Child Support Arguments May End for Actor

After fighting with his ex-girlfriend over their baby girl, a famous actor has decided to bring the arguments to a close.

The actor appeared in court in Los Angeles, California last week to present the final child support agreement to the judge. He has agreed to pay $750,000 to his ex for their child, as well as a trust fund. When the 2-year-old girl turns 18, the home that she and her mother lives in will be sold. The proceeds will go towards the young girl at that time, not to her mother.

This is the last of several offers that was placed before his ex and her attorneys. Even though one of the former agreement was valued at $16 million, her attorneys determined that it would actually amount to just $1 million due to its structured payments. She would also have had to release all evidence implicating him in the criminal cases that are pending against the actor regarding domestic violence and other charges.

If you are involved in a dispute related to child support, now is a good time to discuss your options with a family lawyer in your area.

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