Latest News 2011 May Same Sex Couples may Recieve Benefits in City of Easton

Same Sex Couples may Recieve Benefits in City of Easton

Next year could bring benefits for same-sex partners in the city of Easton if new legislation is approved by the city council.

The Easton City Council is scheduled to review the new legislation that would allow domestic partners of city employees to gain access to pensions and health benefits. Those close to the city council are already hopeful that the measure will pass, allowing domestic partners to file for health benefits starting in 2012.

One councilman, Roger Ruggles, commented that "This is more of a social statement than an encumbrance to the city financially."  In a study led by Ruggles, he found that cities that had allowed similar benefits be extended to domestic partners showed just a 1 percent increase in their operating budgets. Mayor Sal Panto is also on board with the legislation, and supports the extension of health benefits to domestic partners.

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