Latest News 2011 June Nicholas Cage's Son Subjected to Restraining Order

Nicholas Cage's Son Subjected to Restraining Order

After fighting with his trainer earlier this month, Weston Cage now finds himself named in a restraining order.

According to court records, Kevin Villegas was hired to work for Nicholas Cage. However, after Weston's arrest earlier this month, he was found fighting with Villegas outside of a restaurant in Hollywood. When officers arrived on the scene, Weston was so unruly that he had to be strapped to a gurney in order to be transported to a local hospital. Weston was given a mental evaluation, the results of which have not been released to the public.

The fight and following harassment was so great that Villegas felt the need to file a restraining order against Weston. Villegas was awarded a temporary restraining order against the "mentally unstable" Weston. Cage's son will now have to remain at least 100 yards away from Villegas.

When someone threatens the safety of you and/or your family, you should consider a restraining order. To learn more about how to get an order against the offending person, call a family law attorney now to discuss your options.