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Adult Children Seek Back Child Support

Donald Bren, 78, a billionaire real estate developer with the Irvine Company, has claimed in a child support case that he was shocked both times by his former lover's pregnancies, as reported by the Orange County Register. Bren testified that Jennifer McKay Gold, in their nonexclusive relationship, assured him that she was protected.

Bren's two adult children seeking back child support were not the outcome of conventional relationship. Per Bren, the lovers never discussed marriage, exclusivity or having a family. They went months in between encounters.

Gold, 55, claims a different romance took place. She states that they were in love, and that Bren knew she wasn't using any contraceptive devices when their children were conceived.  She claims that Bren wasn't shocked, and said it was "nice," when she first conceived their eldest child, Christie, now 22.

Bren, one of the nation's richest men, has an estimated net worth of $12 billion.

Known to keep his private life to himself, Bren appeared to be uncomfortable explaining his birth control habits, number of intimate encounters and lifestyle.

Along with Christie, younger sibling David, 18, is also seeking retroactive child support.  From 1988 though December of 2002 Bren paid more $3 million for their college and graduate school educations, but they allege that that figure doesn't come close to their father's lifestyle.

The two are asking for $400,000 a month, retroactive to their births, based on the $4 million per month average Bren allegedly spends on his own lifestyle. This equals approximately $134 million.

Bren's attorneys attest that his expenses are more in the ballpark of $150,000 per month.

Gold says that Bren was fraudulent in promises to her for child support, and she filed suit in 2003. Gold no longer is party to that civil action.

Bren had Gold sign at last four private agreements for child support during their relationship. The agreements prevented Gold from pursing any court-ordered child support. Gold's attorney now contends that had she pursued that avenue instead, the results would have been much higher payments to her children.

Both were single when the relationship began. Gold was a 29-year old divorcee and Bren a 52 year-old single father of three boys.

Jurors have to determine if Gold's allegations, specifically that the two were engaged in a loving relationship, and that Bren failed to keep his oral promises to her, are with merit.

Gold claims that the couple was involved in a "very intimate, loving, passionate relationship," that was emphasized by their living together for one year, and though they broke up over 10 times, she didn't want to take him to court over child support as, "I loved him. I wanted him to be involved with our children. He also said he'd always take care of us."

Bren claims that they never lived together, and that he was very sure that he never told her he loved her. He claims to have learned about the births after the fact, via telephone calls from Gold. He paid for private schooling, tutoring, cars, homes and vacations. He felt the children's lifestyles compatible with his own.

Bren said the relationship pretty much ended in 1984, Gold contends it continued until 1997.

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