Latest News 2010 September The Wades go to Trial Over Child Custody

The Wades go to Trial Over Child Custody

In Chicago, NBA star Dwayne Wade recently had to square off with his ex-wife during a child custody trial that took place at Cook County Courthouse.

News sources say that Wade and his ex, Siohvaughn Wade, were able to reach a divorce settlement in June.  They share two sons together who are ages three and eight.

At child custody the trial, Siohvaughn Wade was called upon to testify in court.  She was questioned about her arrest on charges of aggravated assault with a deadly weapon as well as damaging property in 2001 while she was a student at Northwestern Illinois University.  Due to her charges, she was later expelled from the college.

According to Dwayne's legal team, his ex tried to turn his sons against him and also took steps to keep the basketball player from seeing his children.  Dwayne's lawyer said, "He's a much more stable individual than Mrs. Wade."

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