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Kansas Announces new Child Support Payment System

This week, the Kansas Payment Center revealed that it now has an electronic method which enables parents to make electronic child support payments.  The new service is meant to help families in the city of Kansas receive child support payments on time.

Spokesperson for the Kansas Payment Center, Lori Hutchinson, said that the center operates in collaboration under the Kansas Department of Social Rehabilitation Services and the Kansas Office of Judicial Administration. 

In July, Kansas Payment Center announced KPCpay, a state wide electronic method for parents to utilize when they want to make support payments online instead of mailing in checks.

Hutchinson said, "The Kansas Payment Center is continually trying to come up with new services and offerings to make life easier for Kansas families."  She said that some of the benefits include:  free enrollment, the ability to schedule payment in advance, saving on postage stamps and envelopes and no risk of checks being lost in the mail.  Payments may be made with debit cards or even credit cards.

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