Latest News 2009 October Kate Gosselin Seeks Additional Child & Spousal Support From Jon

Kate Gosselin Seeks Additional Child & Spousal Support From Jon

The divorce battle between TV's Jon and Kate Gosselin rages on.

Kate Gosselin has filed paperwork with the court for more child support and temporary spousal support after Jon took approximately $230,000 out of their bank account, according to Kate's divorce lawyer, Mark Momjian.

An arbitrator has been appointed by the court to help hammer out the financial details of the Gosselin's divorce. The arbitrator decided that for now, the Gosselin's money is only to be used for specific purposes. Momjian says that Kate is seeking relief because Jon violated the arbitrator's decision regarding the money.

Kate's application was filed last week around the same time she filed an emergency petition asking the judge to order Jon to return the money. A hearing was scheduled for Wednesday, but was canceled because the judge's wife passed away.  No new court date has been sent.

Jon's divorce attorney, Mark Heller, has yet to comment on the matter, but said that he hopes Jon and Kate will be able to resolve their monetary issues without a judge needing to intervene.

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