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Dealing with a Contested Divorce

Divorce is never easy as spouses who are facing divorce have to contend with a variety of emotions that may make them sad, angry or sometimes irrational.  When people decide that they want to file for divorce, they will legally dissolve or terminate their marriages, which is not something that people tend to look forward to after spending years with their spouses. 

Usually, divorces will fall into two categories - contested and uncontested.

An uncontested divorce tends to be less stressful because spouses will be in agreement on certain key issues like child support, child custody and/or alimony.  Uncontested divorces take less time because spouses have already compromised and will be ready to file legal paperwork without conflict.

A contested divorce is far more turbulent as couples will not be in agreement when it comes to the major issues.  Couples may be fighting about who will have custody of their children or who will have to pay support.  Contested divorces are very challenging and most times, spouses will have to go through some sort of mediation or arbitration before they can move forward with the legal process.

Due to the tense feelings surrounding contested divorces, it is usually in peoples' best interests to hire experienced family lawyers who have handled prior divorce cases.  A family law attorney can help people mediate through difficult areas of contention and expedite the divorce process so that spouses can move forward without additional disputes.

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