Wisselman, Harounian & Associates, P.C. Articles Do You Need Legal Assistance in Protecting Your Fathers’ Rights?

Do You Need Legal Assistance in Protecting Your Fathers’ Rights?

By Wisselman, Harounian & Associates, P.C.  Jun. 12, 2012 11:15a

If you are concerned that a divorce or child custody matter may negatively impact your relationship with your child or children then know that you do have rights. Fathers' rights are taken seriously in New York but sometimes it may take the help of a knowledgeable attorney to make sure you are fully heard. The role of a father in a child's life is no less important than that of his or her mother. The judge in a divorce case involving children will generally take into consideration what is best for the children's well-being. This may take into account the active roll each parent has been in the child's life as far as emotional, developmental and financial support is concerned. The judge must interpret information and data from both sides in order to determine what will be in the best interests of the children now and in the future. Don't let this decision be swayed by omitted or inaccurate information that doesn't reflect your true value as a father to your children! Speak with a Long Island fathers' rights attorney right away to ensure you are well-represented in this matter.

Paternity, Child Custody, Visitation and Modifications

When it comes to family law and your relationship with your children there may be no other legal issue that can be as stressful and so highly emotionally charged. No matter the situation, you deserve to have a fathers' rights lawyer on your side that is experienced in handling everything from paternity suits and parental alienation issues to child custody and modifications of any existing custody, visitation or child support agreements. These are difficult issues and they require a legal professional that will really fight on your behalf in obtaining your goals.

Long Island Fathers' Rights Lawyer

Our firm has been working to protect fathers' rights in Long Island since 1976 and each and every lawyer and legal professional on our team is 100% dedicated to getting positive results for our clients. Contact Wisselman, Harounian & Associates, P.C. today to find out what we may be able to do for your case. We offer a variety of services to fathers looking to improve or preserve the legal standing of their relationship with their children. Family is important to us and we may be able to help you with what is important to you.

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