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Facts about Child Support in California

By Marc E. Mitzner   Nov. 16, 2010 4:15p

Child support helps children in every manner of survival and wellbeing. It ensures that basic needs such as food; clothing and shelter are provided for in the event of a divorce, break up or even when the parents were never in an actual relationship, in which case, paternity must be established before child support is ordered by the courts.

In California, basic child support is calculated by a formula, which does not include or cover expenses for child care, medical bills not covered by insurance, travel costs or visitation, education expenses or other special needs. A Judge may order additional support for child care costs, uninsured medical expenses, education, travel, visitation and other expenses.

Changes That Involve Support Modifications

After a child support order has been established, changes in circumstances can affect the child support obligation of the non-custodial parent. For example in the case of a job loss, a cut back in hours, a change in physical child custody,  or on the other hand where the non-custodial parent receives a raise, each case would give cause to a support modification, whether it be a reduction or an increase to the child support  payments. In the event that the individual who is obligated to pay child support and they fail to do so, the state can take several steps in an effort to collect back child support such as:

  • Intercept California Public Employees Retirement System
  • Passport denial
  • Property liens
  • State License Suspension and Revocation
  • The IRS can intercept tax refunds
  • Interception of unemployment and disability benefits
  • Workers compensation awards can be taken
  • Interception of lottery winnings
  • Interception of social security benefits

If you are facing a child support matter, it would be wise of you to seek legal representation from a skilled Orange County child support attorney. Orange county child support lawyer Marc E. Mitzner has over ten years experience in dealing with divorce law in the family courts. He is well versed in the mechanics of child support in California and he can give you the guidance you need in order to gain a full understanding and control over your unique support situation.

Contact Orange County Child Support Attorney Marc E. Mitzner today for a free consultation about your child support case.

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