Adoption in California

By The Law Offices of Marc E. Mitzner  Jan. 24, 2014 4:15p

California and New York have the highest number of adoptions of all of the states. In California, many different types of adoptions are available and occur annually. These include adopting a child from within the United States, adopting a child from another country, and adoption by a stepparent. Most adoptions in the state are those of the first kind: adopting a child who was born within the U.S. and often within California. These types of adoption can be done through an adoption agency or independently, such as through an attorney. In an independent adoption, both the natural mother and the adoptive parents will know each other. California law makes sure that the natural mother selects the adoptive parents herself; she can't turn that responsibility over to someone else.

In California, the huge majority of newborn babies adopted are done independently. Newborns are also widely adopted through private adoptions agencies, which also handle older children. Public or county agencies generally look to place children who are unable to live with their biological parents for whatever reason. Many of these children live in foster homes until an appropriate adoption can take place.

According to the U.S. Department of Health and Human Services, 38 percent of all U.S. adoptions are private domestic cases, 37 percent are foster care adoptions, and 25 percent are adoptions of international children.

Family Lawyer in Orange County, California

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