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Volatile and Highly Charged Cases of Contested Divorce

If you find yourself facing the daunting challenge of divorcing your marital partner, you are very possibly facing a volatile, highly charged situation.

It is important to understand your legal rights as well as the options Florida Law allows regarding Family Law and Divorce. When a Divorce is Contested, this means that the parties cannot agree either on getting a Divorce, or about the terms of the Divorce (such as Parenting Plans/Child Custody, Spousal Support/Alimony, division of property, etc.).

In Florida, the word “dissolution” is used in Family Law when referring to a Divorce. It is possible for this dissolution to be a fairly straightforward procedure if it is Uncontested, but if there are unresolved issues of any kind between the parties involved, the dissolution is considered Contested.

Many factors can enter into the case, and it is vital to consult an experienced and knowledgeable Family Law Attorney to help ensure your legal rights are protected.

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