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When Is It Time to Consult with a Family Law Attorney?

By Law Offices of Manuel Fajardo  Sep. 13, 2012 9:45a

Family law can be a very complex area of legal affairs, not to mention the often emotionally tense aspect of it. A family lawyer primarily deals with cases involving a divorce or separation and the issues related to the dissolution of such relationships. Whether the divorce is being calmly and rationally mutually agreed upon or if it is a more challenging situation involving a great deal of contention, a lawyer should be involved as soon as possible. Divorce, like marriage, has a legal aspect to it and it is important to make sure everything is properly in order. Additionally, when it comes to property division or when the marriage involved children, there can be many agreements that need to be fully named and written out so both parties understand what their responsibilities are. From prenuptial agreements and cohabitation agreements to a postnuptial or modification of existing divorce agreements, a knowledgeable family law attorney can help make the proceeding as smooth and comprehensive as possible. Don't hesitate to speak with a divorce lawyer right away about any questions you may have.

Divorce Litigation & Mediation

Mediation is an option for those wishing to get a divorce and settle all agreements in as timely a manner as possible. Divorce mediation may make it possible to avoid a drawn out litigation. This option is often much less costly as well. But when mediation fails or other circumstances warrant it, litigation for divorce in court may be the most effect means to obtaining your goals. Whichever method is chosen, this is once again a time when it is highly recommended to have a lawyer representing you or providing mediation services. A divorce attorney can help ensure that all aspects of the divorce are given due attention.

Meet with a Divorce Lawyer about Your Case

Every case is different and requires an attorney that can tailor services that best suit your individual needs. The Law Offices of Manuel Fajardo has been representing clients in Tampa for over a decade and we are dedicated to providing excellent family law services. A lawyer on our team understands how important it is to our clients to really be there to provide the legal advice and support that will help make sure their best interests are protected. Contact our firm to find out what we may be able to do for your family law matter.

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