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Statistics Show an Increasing Shift towards Cohabitation

By Kalled Law Offices  Jul. 13, 2012 10:56a

Statistics published by the American Association of Retired Persons (AARP) in regard to divorce rates for couples over 50 years old also showed an interesting trend in when people are currently getting married. The baby-boomer generation is apparently living longer and finding that perhaps they don't want to live that long with the person they first married. The statistics showed a significant increase in the number of married couples over the age of 50 getting a divorce. The study also found that women, who generally make less than men, were better able to take care of themselves on less income after a divorce then men. Men who statistically make more than women had trouble, however, when it came to finding someone to marry at a later age that was willing to take care of them. The result was an apparent shift in the number of couples choosing to cohabitate rather than get married again. Are you interested in setting up a cohabitation agreement between you and your significant other? Contact a divorce lawyer to find out more about this area of family law.

Younger Generation Choosing Cohabitation over Marriage

Additional to the discovery that baby-boomer divorces over 50 are increasing is the trend observed in the kids of the baby-boomer generation. More and more adults are remaining unmarried later into life with or without children. Studies and census data show that 27% of women in a cohabitation arrangement are mothers. Many feel these trends bring up questions on the usefulness of marriage in today's society and whether it may become obsolete. The data concerning unmarried, cohabitating mothers seems to suggest that some women are confident in their ability to support themselves and a child without any formally and legally required support from a husband.

Are you interested in establishing a cohabitation agreement?

In light of the trends supporting an increase in the workability of unmarried partnerships, it may be that you would like the best of both worlds. A cohabitation agreement allows partners to pick and choose certain things that would otherwise be mandatory under a marriage. Contact us at the Kalled Law Offices to discuss cohabitation agreements and how it may benefit you and your significant other. Today's society allows for a great deal of flexibility in how individuals choose to live together as a couple but it is important to ensure that you are each afforded certain legal protections even though you don't choose to get married. Schedule an initial consultation with an experienced family law attorney at our firm today.

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