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Child Custody Disputes

By Johnson & Ford, PLLC  May. 6, 2011 1:58p

Divorce alone can be very difficult for either party, enter children into the equation and the emotions can run even higher. Fifty years ago, women were almost always awarded custody in a divorce, these days the courts have changed, giving both the mother and father equal consideration when determining who will obtain custody of the children. If you are getting a divorce or need help with a child custody modification, contact a Woodbridge family law attorney for help.

Why are men now getting equal treatment after the mother has been the preferred caregiver for so long? First of all, more men are taking on the role of “househusband” or, homemakers as their wives are the breadwinner. This means men and women are trading the traditional male and female roles, partly in due to World War II, followed by the sexual revolution of the 1960’s to the feminist movement of the 1960’s to the 1980’s. Women have been progressively competing against men in the workforce for the past seventy years. It only makes sense that with more fathers raising their children than ever before, the family courts across the nation must finally recognized the growing trend.

What the Court Considers When Determining Custody

Ideally, spouses will come to an agreement on their own as to the best custody arrangement would be for their children. However, in plenty of divorce cases, it just isn’t that easy. When parents cannot come to custody and visitation arrangement on their own, the courts will intervene and decide for them.

In determining custody, the courts will factor in: the age and physical and mental condition of the child, the age and physical and mental condition of each parent, the relationship existing between the child and each parent, the needs of the child (giving due consideration to other important relationships in the child’s life including siblings and extended family members, the role each parent will play in the child’s future, the propensity of each parent to support the child’s contact with the other parent, the preference of the child, and any history of domestic abuse, child abuse or drug or alcohol abuse.

Woodbridge Child Custody Lawyer

If you would like more information about child custody or any other family law matter, contact a Woodbridge child custody attorney from the Law Firm of Johnson & Ford, PLLC today.

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