Johnson Ford Law Articles Are You Contemplating Divorce?

Are You Contemplating Divorce?

By Johnson & Ford, PLLC  May. 6, 2011 1:56p

In present day, nearly half of all marriages end in divorce, this is no secret. Divorce probably would have been a lot more popular a hundred years ago if it were more socially acceptable. However, back in the days when men worked the fields and women took care of the children and the home, a woman could barely survive without a man around and men needed someone to look after the kids, wash their laundry and cook hot meals. With the absence of DNA testing, men generally liked to know they were the father of their children.

Today, many cultures endorse divorce. People are rarely frowned upon for splitting with their first husband or wife and people no longer have to endure bad marriages. Divorce gives people a second, or third or more chances at happiness.

Statistics prove, the longer people wait to get married, the greater chance they have at staying together. A vast majority of divorces happen when young men and women marry, before they have truly grown themselves as people or before they have really learned to know each other. Aside from marrying young, many adults don’t really mature or figure out what they want until their 30’s or even their 40’s. Contentious couples have to weigh whether or  not sticking it out and arguing in front of the children all the time is really the healthier option, or if they should divorce, and seek a better “fit.”

Woodbridge Divorce Lawyer

If you are contemplating divorce, or if you have already been served divorce papers, contact a Woodbridge divorce attorney from the Law Firm of Johnson & Ford, PLLC today. We will protect your parental and financial rights as well as protecting all other legal rights that might be threatened in your impending divorce!

Contact a Woodbridge divorce lawyer from our firm for a free initial consultation.

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