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Benefits of an Uncontested Divorce

By Brown Law Offices  Aug. 24, 2010 9:11a

Why Choose an Uncontested Divorce?

There are many different benefits that may be experienced by choosing an uncontested divorce as opposed to a contested divorce in family law court. Whether this approach works for you and your spouse will vary depending on the unique circumstances of your divorce as well as your overall attitude and desire to resolve the matter in an amicable way.

An uncontested divorce involves spouses who have come to agreements regarding most or all of the issues that need to be addressed at the end of a marriage: property division, child custody, child support and spousal support.

In Minnesota, the uncontested divorce process typically involves only one of the spouses hiring an attorney to prepare and file the necessary paperwork to finalize the divorce. An attorney cannot represent both sides in a divorce. It is therefore highly recommended that you consider involving a lawyer to help ensure that your uncontested divorce is not only handled properly but that your interests are properly protected through the process. This can help you take advantage of the advantages an uncontested divorce has to offer:

  • An uncontested divorce is much faster than a courtroom divorce, which can take months or even years.
  • An uncontested divorce is typically far less expensive than a contested divorce, with some firms offering flat fees to complete an uncontested divorce.
  • An uncontested divorce is generally less traumatic for all parties involved, as issues are resolved amicably without the contention that a courtroom divorce can bring.

At the Brown Law Offices, we help clients with uncontested divorces throughout Minnesota. We are committed to our clients and can offer you invaluable advice and guidance during this important process. Divorce does not have to be expensive and stressful. Allow an experienced lawyer to help ensure this process is handled smoothly.

Contact the Brown Law Offices today to talk to an attorney about your case.

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