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Brooklyn Man Divorces Wife In Secret, Post Reports

By Brian D. Perskin & Associates, P.C.  Dec. 12, 2012 10:11a

Woman Learns Of Alleged Divorce Scheme After Husband's Death

In a recent report by the New York Post, a woman claims that her late husband had divorced her without her knowledge eight years before his death. Divorce attorneys fought to have the separation overturned, giving the plaintiff back the rights to her ex-husband's pension and life insurance payment.

According to the article, the 75-year old woman had immigrated to America many years ago from St. Vincent, an island in the Caribbean. She had lived with her long-time husband in a Crown heights apartment in Brooklyn until he passed away due to natural causes in February 2011.

After grieving his death, the woman began to go through his belongings. It was at this point that she discovered a briefcase allegedly containing divorce papers dating back to 2002. The wife learned that, eight years prior to his death, the man had sought a divorce, claiming in court that she had abandoned him to live at a residence in Canarsie.

Forged Divorce Documents Overturned After Trial

Although the couple had no children of their own, the husband had several offspring from a previous marriage. According to the Post article, the children fought with their stepmother over their father's inheritance, which they stood to control as a result of the secret divorce. The wife sought the aid of a divorce lawyer, who proved before the Manhattan Supreme Court that the Canarsie address in Brooklyn where she had allegedly eloped to did not exist.

The woman also showed that her ex-husband had forged papers containing her signature, making the "uncontested" divorce a sham. She testified before the court that the couple had lived together until the day of his death, and that she had believed their marriage to be happy.

After reviewing the evidence, a judge overturned the divorce, ruling that it had been pursued under fraudulent pretenses. After spending a year fighting in the courts, the woman should be allowed to receive the life insurance payments and pension owed to her.

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