Alimony: Just the Facts

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If you are currently going through a divorce, one thing that you need to be aware of is the possibility of having to pay alimony to your spouse. The purpose of paying support to one's spouse is to ensure that one member of a marriage does not suddenly experience a sharp drop in the quality of the lifestyle to which they have grown accustomed, and to make up for the opportunity cost one spouse can incur by staying home and not pursuing a career. This is a difficult and complex issue, and while these basic facts can be important and help you make your decisions, there is no substitute for the advice and skill of a qualified legal professional. Please, speak with a New Jersey divorce attorney to discuss your case before making any decisions.

How Is Spousal Support Awarded?

There are a wide variety of factors that can determine whether a spouse is eligible to receive alimony in a divorce, as well as how much, for how long, and of what type the payments will be. These factors can include the distribution of property between spouses, the earning capacity and employability of both parties, the age and health of each spouse, and the parental responsibilities facing the spouse, as well as many others.

Once these factors have been looked at by the court, it will decide whether to award alimony and determine which variety will be awarded.

There are four main kinds of spousal support that New Jersey courts usually deal with:

Permanent alimony is when one spouse agrees to pay money to the other until either one party dies or the receiving part remarries. Limited duration alimony is similar to permanent, but only lasts for a specified limit of time. This kind of alimony is usually awarded in relatively short marriages. Rehabilitative alimony is awarded a spouse who needs the financial help to undergo training or classes in order to be able to support oneself, usually by getting a job. This can be considered a specific type of limited duration alimony. The last type is reimbursement alimony, which is awarded when a spouse sacrifices financially to help the other spouse prior to the divorce, such as by putting him or her through graduate school. The money spent can be reimbursed via this special kind of spousal support.

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