KRP Law Articles Determining the Division of Assets in Divorce

Determining the Division of Assets in Divorce

By KRP Law  Nov. 19, 2010 4:42p

Whenever a marriage ends there are two different types of processes the spouses can go through to finalize the divorce. There are uncontested divorces in which the spouses can agree upon the terms of the divorce, and contested divorces in which the spouses cannot agree and must turn their case over to the court judge who will decide upon the terms. One of the most important and extensive processes that any divorcing couple will have to face is the division of assets. It is very vital that each spouse be treated fairly and receives an equitable share of the marital assets. If you are facing a divorce a Salem divorce lawyer can give you guidance through this process to help ensure a fair distribution.

In marriages there are two types of property. The first type of property is known as separate property, which is all the property and assets that belonged to each spouse before the commencement of the marriage. Separate property does not take part in the distribution of assets unless there are certain special circumstances such as children involved. The second type of property is called joint or marital property. Marital property is any and all property acquired during the course of the marriage up to when the divorce papers were filed, including any property that may only be in one spouse's name. Marital property is subject to asset division, and the judge or the spouses must determine the most equitable way to distribute the properties fairly.

Asset Division Lawyer in Salem

If you are going through the process of a divorce it is important that your properties are not taken from you because of an unfair distribution. The processes for determining marital property are extremely complex, but with the help of an experienced divorce attorney you can rest assured that your case is being presented as best as is possible to either the court or your spouse. At KRP Law, we can use our years of family law experience to ensure that you receive a fair division of your marital assets and that your rights are protected.

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