Gordon Law Offices Articles Wife Seeks Protective Order, Considers Divorce Two Months after Wedding

Wife Seeks Protective Order, Considers Divorce Two Months after Wedding

By Gordon Law Offices  Jun. 3, 2013 3:13p

A.D. married her boyfriend, J.S., of 15 months but may now be headed to a divorce after only two months of marriage. A.D., 46, and J.S., 28, were married in Las Vegas in early April. She told friends and family that she was deeply in love and was overjoyed to be marrying the man she considered was "God's gift" to her. The two seemed to be doing well in their first few weeks of marital bliss and A.D. even bought her husband his "dream car", a Camaro, as a one month wedding anniversary present in early May. That day, however, turned into a nightmare when the two reportedly got into a fight. J.S. allegedly slapped A.D. and dragged her through their bedroom after an intense argument which escalated into violence. On the same day that A.D. gave him the car, J.S. suggested that they go celebrate at a hotel casino. A.D. was not interested in the idea which reportedly ignited the incident. A.D. is seeking a protective order against her husband whom she has not seen in several weeks. She also stated that while she has not filed for divorce, she is considering it. It is unclear if the couple had entered into a prenuptial agreement as A.D. makes substantially more income than her now estranged husband. Consult with a divorce lawyer right away if you are considering a legal separation or divorce.

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Whether you initiated the divorce or are the respondent after your spouse filed for divorce, you need to have a skilled legal representative on your side immediately. Even in instances of a collaborative or uncontested divorce it is important to have the help of an attorney that will ensure that nothing is overlooked that could cause you difficulty in the future. If you and your spouse have children together then your relationship will continue on some level after the divorce when it comes to parenting and other related matters. Protecting your relationship with your children is a crucial function that your divorce attorney fulfills.

Are you considering a divorce in Las Vegas?

A divorce lawyer on our dedicated team at the Gordon Law Offices understands the emotional stress and confusion you may be experiencing. Our goal is to help reduce the difficulties of going through a divorce as much as possible. Please contact our firm today to schedule a time to meet with a caring attorney about your specific case.

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