Gordon Law Offices Articles Study Finds Divorced Women Much Happier

Study Finds Divorced Women Much Happier

By Gordon Law Offices  Sep. 3, 2013 4:55p

A recent study published in the journal Economica showed that divorce results in a higher level of happiness for women than for men and that happiness level lasts for up to five years after the divorce is finalized. The study contradicted earlier studies by other research groups, such as the Institute for American Values, that concluded that unhappy people continue to be unhappy whether they are married or not.

The new study was conducted by the Centre for Research in Employment, Skills and Society (CRESS) at the Kingston Business School in the U.K. In the study, 10,000 people between the ages of 16 and 60 were surveyed throughout a period of 20 years. Those surveyed were asked to give a rating to their level of happiness before and after major events occurred in their lives. The survey showed that both men and women were happier after a divorce though the level of happiness for men was much less notable than for women. One explanation for this put forth by researchers was that women trapped in an unhappy marriage experience a feeling of freedom once they are divorced. The researchers also found that men are more profoundly affected in their happiness levels by work. Those men who lose their jobs are often deeply unhappy for many years thereafter.

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Going through a divorce can be a stressful and upsetting process with the need to make many decisions about some of the most important aspects of your life. For those who are unhappily married, however, the process can eventually lead to a greater degree of happiness, as shown in the above study. To ensure that your divorce is satisfactory so that you can move on to a better chapter of your life, you will want to understand the legal process and how it can affect your future. Working with an experienced and qualified law firm is essential.

Gordon Law Offices is a family law firm with a father and son team dedicated to providing you with the most professional services in the area at an affordable price. The legal team has close to 60 years of combined experience in the field of divorce and family law. That level of experience allows them to address and handle your divorce or other family law issues with a thorough understanding and proven methods of approach. Whether you are facing a prospective divorce or have other family law concerns, such as adoption, a paternity case, domestic violence, parental alienation, or other issues, contact the firm to schedule a free, initial consultation. Find out what is involved in your situation and the best way to go about resolving it through the legal system.

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