Gordon Law Offices Articles Filing for an Uncontested Divorce?

Filing for an Uncontested Divorce?

By Gordon Law Offices   Nov. 19, 2010 5:15p

An uncontested divorce is a divorce in which the marital spouses agree on the terms of the divorce without the intervention of court proceedings. Amicable divorces often end this way, as both parties are able to negotiate between themselves their own, personalized divorce terms. Without the involvement of the court, this means that the spouses must make an agreed decision regarding every single detail of the divorce agreement. There are many benefits to opting for an uncontested divorce and avoiding emotional and costly courtroom legal battles. If you are considering a divorce, a Las Vegas divorce lawyer can provide you legal support and ensure you are making informed, intelligent decisions about your divorce so that you are not left with an unfair situation.

Uncontested divorces can be significantly cheaper than the protracted courtroom proceedings in a contested divorce. There is also the possibility for significantly reduced stress and more flexible agreement terms. The downsides to uncontested divorces can include agreeing to situations without information or full understanding, and being stuck with divorce terms that are unfair to you, such as inequitable asset divisions or lop-sided child custody and spousal support terms.

Uncontested Divorce in Las Vegas

Whether you are considering a divorce that is either uncontested or contested, it is highly important and beneficial that you enlist the aid of a professional divorce attorney who understands the legal proceedings regarding divorce from every possible angle. At the Gordon Law Offices we can provide you with immediate and affordable legal advice to protect your assets, to help you make sound decisions regarding the custody of your children and visitation rights, and will ensure that you are informed of all the possibilities regarding your case. We understand that divorce is already difficult, so we can help make it easier by making the proceedings quicker and easier to understand.

Contact a Las Vegas Uncontested Divorce Attorney at our offices today to help make your divorce just that much easier.

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