Gordon Law Offices Articles “The Bronze Bomber” Arrested in Las Vegas for Domestic Violence

“The Bronze Bomber” Arrested in Las Vegas for Domestic Violence

By Gordon Law Offices  May. 20, 2013 11:15a

27-year-old heavyweight boxer Deontay Wilder was in Vegas recently for the Floyd Mayweather fight but made additional headlines for a much different sort of fight. Police were called to the MGM Grand hotel around 7:30 on Saturday morning for an alleged domestic violence incident. LVPD officers took Wilder and a woman into custody for questioning. The woman appeared to have several injuries including swelling around both eyes, red marks around her neck from a possible strangulation, a cut lip and a possible broken nose. The boxer has an impressive 28 knockouts in his last 28 fights, a record which could result in enhancements to the charges that may be placed against him. He was booked into the Clark County jail and released on Monday on his own recognizance after posting a $15,000 bond. His defense attorney recently stated that the incident was a misunderstanding. He contends that Wilder had "…instinctively acted under the false impression in that someone was stealing from him." The attorney went on to say that it turned out that this was not the case and that Wilder and the woman had spoken about the matter. The woman is reported to have subsequently accepted an apology offered by the boxer.

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Domestic violence cases can be complex, emotionally tense issues which require the help of a divorce lawyer skilled in handling such matters. If you or someone you care about has either been accused of or is the victim of domestic abuse in any form—spousal abuse, child abuse, child neglect, etc.—then you need immediate legal assistance that you can trust.

Las Vegas Divorce Attorney for Domestic Abuse Cases

A lawyer with us at the Gordon Law Offices has experience not only in the family law arena but in criminal defense matters as well. An understanding of both fields is crucial when dealing with many domestic violence cases as there can be both criminal and civil legal issues that you may want to resolve swiftly. We know how to handle both sides of such cases and have helped clients get the positive outcome they are looking for when it comes to protective orders (restraining orders), child custody, visitation, guardianship, termination of visitation rights or custody, divorce and more. Don't hesitate to contact our dedicated and compassionate firm right away if you need help with a family law matter. We may be able to help!

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