Garner & Garner, P.A. Articles Will Maryland be a Joint Custody State?

Will Maryland be a Joint Custody State?

By Garner & Garner, P.A.  Feb. 3, 2014 9:51a

Law makers in states throughout the Nation are taking a closer look at child custody and shared parenting issues when it comes to divorce proceedings involving children. Advocates for shared parenting laws propose that courts move to make child custody rulings that ensure the children involved spend equal amounts of time with both parents. Currently, it is more often the case that the children spend a significantly greater amount of time with one parent than the other. Advocates argue that the only time custody or parenting time should be reduced for one parent is in cases involving domestic violence, physical or psychological abuse or when one parent has a drug or alcohol problem. Otherwise, these groups feel that children are harmed by not having equal access to both of their parents. Opponents to a 50-50 child custody ruling voice their concerns for the disruption in the children's lives should they be making two (or more) changes in living location a week to facilitate equally shared parenting. Parents would have to take great care in arranging schedules, schooling and home location to make shared parenting feasible. Consult with a divorce attorney well-versed in child custody matters if you have any questions about your specific circumstances.

Maryland's Commission on Child Custody Decision Making

The Commission on Child Custody Decision Making was authorized by the Governor in July 2013 and is scheduled to submit a final report to the Governor and General Assembly on December 1st 2014. According to the Commission's "Maryland Manual On-Line" site, the purpose of the Commission is to "study all aspects of child custody decision-making in Maryland, including the principles governing it, and current practice and process. The study will encompass how to make child custody orders and modifications fairer, more uniform, and equitable; reduce litigation in child custody proceedings; promote and ensure children's continued relationships with both parents; and maximize involvement of both parents in a child's life." The Commission has held a number of public hearings throughout the state in order to facilitate the inclusion of public input into this important matter.

Divorce Lawyer Serving Columbia

Child custody can be one of the most difficult aspects of a divorce but a family lawyer with us at the law offices of Garner & Garner, P.A. may be able to help you achieve your legal goals and protect your rights and what's best for your family. Contact our firm today to schedule a free initial consultation.

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