Latest News 2013 August Man Arrested for Back Child Support

Man Arrested for Back Child Support

A man in the Newark, New Jersey area has reportedly been arrested for back child support. According to reports, the man is accused of owing more than $35,000 in back child support. He had a warrant out for his arrest for the fifth-degree felony nonsupport matter. He claims he has been making payments just not through the court.

Dealing with child support matters is a difficult issue for anyone. No matter the situation, you will want to proceed forward with your family law matter in a careful manner. You need to be prepared for a long process because child support cases are not always settled quickly. You can resolve this matter in a beneficial way if you ensure that your case is handled in the most beneficial way possible.

If you are going through a child support case, it’s in your best interest to have a family attorney on your side to protect your rights. An experienced family lawyer will know what to expect and how to handle various matters related to your case. You can trust an attorney to guide you through this process and settle this matter in the best way possible. Contact a family lawyer today to begin discussing your case and moving forward.

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