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Group Bonds Together to Fight Lifetime Alimony

Legislators across the country are considering widespread changes to alimony laws. In light of the poor economy and rampant joblessness, advocacy groups are working to make alimony more equitable for the paying parties. In New Jersey, one man has started a divorce advocacy group that is working to reform alimony laws in the state. The focus of their agenda is lifetime alimony. Many of the people in the group were told to pay lifetime support to their former spouses. As a result, they are bankrupt or in poor financial standing.

These people want laws to be put on the books that will change lifetime alimony. Many of the laws were enacted during a time when mothers stayed at home and were more likely to need alimony. Now that women are in the workplace, he contends, the laws should be changed to reflect a changing socio-economic climate. If you would like to challenge your alimony payments or have them reduced, you'll want to hire a family law attorney in your area who can be of assistance to you.