Latest News 2010 May Woman Charged with Child Molestation May Receive Visitation Rights

Woman Charged with Child Molestation May Receive Visitation Rights

At this time, news sources reveal that while the father of Tonya Craft's two children is opposed to a child custody arrangement, he is open to allowing Craft to have visitation.

According to documents that were filed by Joal Henke's legal team, the father is concerned about his children being removed from his home and his care.  He strongly opposes Craft having full custody of their children because it would upset the children, who have lived with Henke for two years.

This past Tuesday, Tonya Craft was found not guilty after being charged with 22 counts of child molestations, aggravated molestation and aggravated sexual battery.  Her trial lasted five weeks and took place in Catoosa County.  Craft, who is a 37 year old kindergarten teacher, was acquitted after a jury deliberated for ten hours.

Once she was acquitted, Craft asked that Circuit Court Judge Marie Williams expand her visitation rights to both of her children and to remove restrictions that had been put in place.  She also requested a hearing so that she could motion for the children to be placed in her care full-time.

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