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Child Support Scam Takes New Jersey Woman's Money

A New Jersey woman, Tiffany Mulcare, was victim to a text message child support scam today. She received a text message saying that the debit card that hold her child support payments was frozen. The card is called an EPPICard. She was given a number to call to verify information.

She later learned that by giving the information, all the child support funds on the card were stolen. According to authorities, she was the third person to fall victim that morning alone.

Although the FBI had issued a warning as early as June 2008 about these scammers soliciting personal information, including PINs from unsuspecting individuals, these crimes still persist. 

The FBI and local authorities again urge that no one give out any sensitive information to anyone they do not know personally via text or email.  When in question, call the local authorities.   

If you are a victim of such a scam or need information on child support issues, an experienced family law attorney can help. If you need help finding a lawyer near you, please take a look through our nationwide Family Law Directory.
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