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Man Arrested for Domestic Violence in Myrtle Beach

In South Carolina, a man from Myrtle Beach was recently arrested for domestic violence according to the police department.

46-year-old Joey Shutt was placed under arrest on Tuesday and formally charged with criminal domestic violence. Officers say that at 1:51 PM on Tuesday, they had to respond to a call regarding a domestic abuse incident. The victim said that Shutt came home and reached for some change on the counter. When the victim told him no, he started to beat her on her back, shoulder and her legs.

The victim also said that Shutt grabbed her out of her chair and dragged her over-the-counter and threw her into a nearby cabinets. A witness said that Shutt also spit in the victim's face.

After reviewing Shutt's prior record, police discovered that he had two other domestic violence convictions in the past 10 years.

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