Featured News 2012 The Divorce Education Bill

The Divorce Education Bill

Will couples considering the possibility of divorce be required to go through a divorce ed course? For Utah residents, that is exactly what will be happening. Lawmakers are pushing for people to be more informed of the decision that they are making. The bill will require all married couples who have a young child to participate in a divorce education class before they are legally able to file for a divorce. There is actually a law currently in place regarding divorce education, but it only requires this class to be taken after divorce papers have already been filed.

Experts agree that it helps couples see the positive and negative effects of divorce and often changes people's decisions in the matter. What lawmakers want most of all is for the citizens to be informed. Many people are not aware of the negative effects of a divorce and what it will entail. Couples with a young child will likely have to face the issue of child custody, which can often turn extremely sour. The bill will also require that couples have a longer waiting period before they could actually file for divorce. With more restrictions, the state of Utah is hoping for fewer divorces.

Currently, there is a 90-day waiting period for anyone who wants to file for a divorce which can be waived if they take the divorce education class. This new bill will abolish that provision and make the 90-day waiting period a requirement regardless. The divorce education class is free and can be taken in person or online. There is also news coming out of the state of Alabama regarding a similar bill. The Alabama bill is a little bit different but the same principle holds it together. This bill would require parents with a minor child to undergo at least four hours of a marriage dissolution education course.

The Alabama bill will focus on how a divorce will affect a child for the most part. Often when two people are considering obtaining a divorce, the children are the ones who suffer the most. This of course does not mean those seeking divorce do not care for their children. It does mean that the issues surrounding the children during a divorce will be arguably much more complicated than many other issues such as property division and alimony.

If you are considering the possibility of divorce, you may want to check what your state's laws are on the issue. Many states have restrictions on the divorce process and some, like Utah, require divorce education. It is always wise to inform yourself on the effects of divorce even if your state does not require it. If you still believe that dissolving your marriage is the best course of action then you need to obtain the help of a skilled attorney. The right family law attorney will ensure that your divorce goes smoothly and that no one suffers unnecessary consequences.

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