Featured News 2012 How to Split Financial Duties with Your Partner

How to Split Financial Duties with Your Partner

Money is one of the top reasons that couples choose to break up or divorce. When finances get tight, pairs tend to feud about where they should cut their money. For example, a man may believe that it’s best to reduce spending on clothing, while a woman may violently disagree and think that they need to steer clear of eating out and indulging on pricier foods at the supermarket. If you are trying to split your financial duties with your partner, then you may want to think about restructuring your responsibilities with the household finances.

Researchers have recently discovered that the traditional roles that spouses take in money managing may be all wrong. Normally, the husband manages investments while the wife does the daily budgeting and spending. Yet the 2009 National Marriage Project Report shows that if women invest and their husbands determine the day-to-day costs, it may be a more satisfying and stress-free arrangement. In this research study, professors found that men are more overconfident then women are, which is why some may want to steer clear of taking up the role as the household investor.

Men who trade stocks and bonds sometimes believe that they know what the next market will be. However, they may incur transaction costs when they constantly trade and end up with a host of expenses that they didn’t expect. Women are more prone to make a few active trades but avoid constantly trading around. This can lead to more money because by trading less they don’t have to pay all of the trading fees. Women tend to look at the upfront costs associated with a transaction. Therefore, they will select a good and leave it at that. Men tend to avoid taking advice when it comes to stock markets, so they may make more mistakes when trying to do things on their own.

When men take over the budgeting, they are often much better at avoid unnecessary purchases. If a woman does all of the grocery shopping, she may want to spring for a sponge with a floral pattern, or get a higher-quality Organic milk instead of the cheaper alternative. While this may be great for some couples, there are times when money is tight and it’s essential to be frugal. Women are much more inclined to shop, and some wives aren’t as good at getting the best deal. According to a study in Forbes Magazine, overspending is one of the seven mistakes that women commonly make more than men.

In the end, Forbes suggests that couples may be able to avoid financial conflict if they restructure their monetary responsibilities according to this flip-flopped model. If the woman does the investing, and the man does the budgeting, the couple might be able to avoid many hard conversations over poor choices. A recent study shows that men and women who believed that their partner was foolish with his or her money were 45 percent more likely to divorce than those who respected their spouse’s financial choices. One project at Utah State University suggests that disagreements over money are the number one predictor of a divorce.

Admittedly, not all arguments and relationships can be mended by making sure that you are in the financial role that suits you best. There are times that a divorce may be the best option, especially if you are worried that your spouse’s financial choices will harm your children and your future. One thing to remember is that you will have to pay some of your spouse’s debts if you divorce as part of the proceedings. While you will probably also obtain property, the costs of that person’s living may become your burden to bear. If you want to talk to a family law attorney about debt distribution, then locate a lawyer near you using our directory.

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