Featured News 2012 Divorcing Women in Abusive Relationships

Divorcing Women in Abusive Relationships

Did you know that one in every four women has experienced domestic violence in her lifetime? Various organizations are highlighting this fact during the month of October, which has been officially declared Domestic Violence Awareness Month. Most of those women have to deal with abuse that’s comes from their husband when he is angry or aggressive. About five million American women are abused by their husbands and boyfriends every single year. Eventually, some of these women decide that they have had enough, and decide to take the leap into divorce. Breaking free from an abusive relationship is often very difficult for these women.

They may fear more severe beatings and threats if they chose to sever their relationship with a possessive partner. That’s why abused women need an aggressive and protective lawyer on their side who can help the courts to see the seriousness of the situation. With the right attorney, an abused woman can get restraining orders against her former spouse and stay protected from harm. Abused women often worry about how they will survive after divorce because they often do not have any knowledge of their current financial state. Most abusive husbands take complete control of the money in the household, which makes their wives feel powerless. The husbands will be secretive about finances in order to show the women that they do not know how to be financially independent. They hope that this is a hold that will keep them in the family.

If you are an abused woman who does not have control of your finances because of an abusive husband, you will want to express this fear to your lawyer. The court can then help you to obtain an equal amount of the finances and may even recommend that you hire a financial advisor to help you handle your new money. If you were abused as a spouse, your lawyer may be able to use this fact to your advantage in your divorce. For one, the courts will not give the children to a parent who has a history of physical violence or even psychological abuse tactics. This means that as the victim you will probably receive primary custody of the children. You may also be given alimony, spousal support and child support. If you do not have an income or sacrificed your ability to build a career in order to be a homemaker, then this will raise the amount that you can earn in.

The court can also issue a permanent restraining order if they recognize that you and your children are at risk by being near or being visited by an ex-spouse. If you can prove that the abuse was significant, and can show that you have bruises, lacerations, or medical concerns because of abuse, then your husband may go to jail for his actions. Domestic violence can be tried in a family court where you can seek a settlement, and can also be tried in a criminal court to give your spouse the punishment that he deserves.

If you are divorcing an abusive husband, do your research on how you can handle the finances, responsibility of children, and possibility of a job after divorce. You will want a knowledgeable and patient attorney who can help walk you through all of these details. Using this directory, you can find a lawyer who will use your situation to maximize the money, property, and benefits you get out of a divorce. Talk to a lawyer near you today to get started and be free from the abuse that has been darkening your life.

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