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Your Child Visitation Rights

By The Quinn Law Firm  Apr. 18, 2011 4:23p

Divorce is a lot more complicated when children are involved. In an ideal situation, both parents will agree on a child custody and visitation agreement in a non-contested divorce. If you are one of the fortunate ones, your family law attorney and your spouse’s family law attorney will draw up an agreement without any hesitation from either side. If you’re not that lucky, and your divorce is more complicated than that, then having a Detroit family law attorney by your side will be invaluable.

Your attorney may be able to work with your spouse’s attorney to come up with a visitation schedule that you and your spouse can finally agree on. If this is not the case, then your attorney will help you out substantially in court. When child custody and child visitation matters are contested by either spouse, the matter will be handed over to a judge. Your attorney will ensure that you are fully prepared and any facts or supporting, pertinent information to back you up is dutifully presented.

The family court will do its best to make a determination in what is in the best interest of the child/children and, if you represent yourself, you can inadvertently wind up on the short end of the stick when it comes to a final visitation order.  When it comes to the very important issue of maintaining a healthy, active role in your child’s life, having an experienced and qualified divorce attorney by your side is extremely important.

Metro Detroit Visitation Rights Lawyer

At the Quinn Law Firm, P.C., we specialize in divorce matters and we have an extensive knowledge of family law, including all aspects of child custody, visitation and support. We handle our client’s cases, as if they were our own. We care about your relationship with your children, and we will do everything within our power to preserve it. Contact a Metro Detroit visitation rights attorney from our firm today, your initial consultation is free of charge; let us put our experience to work for you.

Contact a Metro Detroit visitation rights lawyer from our firm for a free consultation.

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