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Father is Arrested on Child Abuse Charges

By Singleton Smith Law Offices  Feb. 24, 2012 10:36a

Suspicions of child abuse were raised while a baby was being treated at a local children’s hospital. The one-month-old baby was taken to the hospital with severe bruising on his back. It is unclear exactly who had notified authorities but deputies arrived at the hospital and began investigating the situation the evening that the baby was being treated. It was determined that the injuries to the infant’s back had occurred when he was in his father’s care. The father, 27-year-old B.C., was arrested recently in connection to the child’s injuries under suspicion of child abuse. A sheriff’s spokesperson stated that the baby is expected to make a full recovery despite the serious injuries. In addition to any criminal legal aspects of such a situation, if you feel your child is not being cared for properly by your spouse or former spouse you should speak with a Riverside County divorce attorney to discuss your options regarding child custody or modifications to current custody and visitation agreements.

Do you want to modify your child custody agreement?

Child custody and visitation agreements are ordered by a judge in the best interests of the child or children involved. If there has been some changes of circumstances or if you feel that the child’s mother or father is not capable of providing a safe, nurturing environment for the child, you have legal options. It is important to act quickly in this situation and get the help of a legal professional that is well-versed in child visitation, custody and support or modification of any preexisting agreements.

Get the Help of a Murrieta Child Custody Attorney

A Murrieta divorce lawyer with the Singleton Smith Law Offices has represented clients in Murrieta and throughout the greater Riverside County area. Any case involving parental rights or custody can be highly emotional. This is about your child, his or her well-being and the relationship you share together. The courts take this into consideration but their primary concern is determining what is best for the child and that child’s future. If you currently have shared custody and would like to seek primary custody or feel that your child’s other parent should be strictly limited in their visitation, an attorney may be able to help you prove your case to the judge. Scheduling an initial consultation is your first step.

Contact a Riverside County child custody lawyer at our firm and discover how we may be able to represent you.

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