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Are you preparing to file for a divorce in Long Island? If so, it may be beneficial for you to contact Jason M. Barbara & Associates, P.C. The firm was founded by Attorney Barbara, who has over a decade of experience under his belt and understands that family law matters can be some of the most emotionally draining legal issues to have to work through. Divorce can be a particularly overwhelming process to have to go through—especially since it has the potential to leave a lasting impact on your entire family dynamic. Before filing for divorce in New York, one or both spouses must be a resident of the state for at least one year. You can base your divorce on either no-fault or fault grounds, or based on the fact that you and your spouse have been separated for at least 12 months. Fault grounds may be considered if you wish to gain an advantage in a contested issue involving child custody, the division of marital property, or the amount of alimony. As an equitable division state, each spouse owns the income they earn during the marriage, and has the right to manage any property that is in their name alone. At the time of divorce, however; the name on the property will not be the only determining factor. Rather, the judge will divide the marital property in a way they consider to be fair—even if it is not necessarily equal.

Whether your divorce calls for mediation, negotiation, or vigorous litigation in a New York family court, Attorney Barbara has the knowledge and resources to represent you. He is also prepared to assist individuals through matters involving child custody, spousal support, property division, paternity, and adoption. Regardless of how complicated your situation may seem, you do not have to face the New York family courts alone. Contact Jason M. Barbara & Associates, P.C. to learn more about the services offered by a Long Island divorce attorney.

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