Related Adoption

Related adoption is a much easier process than other forms of adoption provided the biological parents agree to it. This is when a relative of the child wishes to take them as their own. This can be a grandparent, aunt, older sibling, etc. If a stepparent decides to adopt their stepchild, this would also fall under the term or related adoption. If the biological parents do agree to the adoption, then it is a simple process.

If they disagree then the issue is brought before the court which will then assess and judge if the parents are unfit to raise the child. The term unfit would be interpreted by the state and court, but generally is a parent who has neglected or abused their child or has a serious criminal record. A parent convicted and sentenced to life in prison would be unable to care for their child. In this case a grandparent might step in and adopt the child as their own.

Adopting the child can simplify things in the long run since the grandparent would then have parental rights and would not have to continually seek consent from the incarcerated biological parent on decisions relating to the child. If a child is over the age of 12 their consent for the adoption may also be sought since they are believed to be of age to make a decision. This may not be a deciding factor, but will be taken into consideration. Related adoption can be a great alternative to a difficult situation, since the child will remain in the family rather than joining another where they may have little or no contact. A judge is often more likely to grant custody to a relative, believing it is in the best interest of the child to remain with their biological family; that is of course if the relative seeking adoption is also seen fit.

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