Articles From Mark B. Baer, Inc., a Professional Law Corporation

"Pit Bull" Attorneys and Family Law

In the article, Mr. Baer explains why the public's interest in utilizing "pit bull" attorneys in their family law matters is counterproductive.

Communication and Family Law

Good communication is vital to successful legal proceedings. The best way I can serve my clients is to help them to make as many of the important decisions in the dissolution of their relationship ...

Interviewing And Selecting An Attorney

In this article, Mark B. Baer, Esq. attempts to assist people in finding well qualified legal representation.

Marital Russian Roulette

Sometimes, an individual who files for divorce is not really ready to end the marriage. The threat of divorce is, rather, a strategic move. The individual hopes that by filing a Petition for ...

Mediation And Family Law

In this Article, Mark B. Baer, Esq. addresses the risks and benefits of mediation as a form of dispute resolution in family law matters.

The Importance of Trust in an Attorney/Client Relationship

The psychological aspect of the attorney-client relationship may significantly impact the ultimate outcome of a case.
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