What do I own and owe in regards to a divorce?

My wife and I have been married for a little less than two years. I am 60 and she is 51. I own my house and pay all house and related expenses. Early on in the marriage, my wife decided not to pay for house hold expenses. I resisted and have asked her repeatedly to help pay electric, gas, oil, phone and other utility bills. She refuses. She is on workers disability and refuses to go back to work, yet will spend 4 to 6 hours each day on the internet - sometimes shopping, sometimes talking with friends, sometimes on self-help web sites. She was in debt when I met her. I helped her with her child custody issues to the tune of about $15,000. She lost her house due to bankruptcy. And recently she filed personal bankruptcy. I have asked her repeatedly to go find work, any work, to help pay her bills and help pay household expenses. She refuses. What do I owe her? What am I responsible for with her and her expenses? And in a divorce, what am I legally liable to owe her? She has a 10 year old daughter. She received child support and disability payments. Her disability is from a work related injury that occurred about 12 years ago. Her daughter lives with us most of the time. Though she is spending more and more time with her dad.

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This sounds like a very complicating situation indeed, as is any marriage that may be heading down the road to a divorce. It is understandable that you are currently weighing the options between remaining married and divorce based on how badly the divorce will hurt your finances. When dealing with any divorce, it is encouraged to hire a divorce attorney who can represent your specific needs when working through a settlement. In the event of a complicated situation such as this, it is even more important to hire an experienced and skilled attorney who will be able to sort through those very issues. In your state specifically, one of the legal grounds for divorce is to be neglect or refusal to support or make contributions to the family. Your state laws require that this refusal to contribute be occurring for at least a year before filing for a divorce. It is difficult to say off hand what specifically you are entitled to without all of the information. Contact a divorce attorney in order to discuss the entirety of your situation and to determine if divorce is the best route for you.
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This is a complex set of questions that are best addressed in a private personal meeting with a qualified attorney in your area. It is bad enough that your dirty laundry may be aired in the courthouse. It's another thing to post this sensitive data on the INTERNET. Most attorneys offer a free 30 minute consultation. Ask around and find one you feel comfortable with and make an appointment to review your case, estimate costs, and discuss strategies.

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