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Woman Sentenced to Community Service after Assaulting Ex

By Widger & Widger, APLC  Sep. 23, 2013 12:09p

T.S. was recently sentenced to 19 days community service after allegedly attacking her ex-boyfriend, W.L., last year. Reports do not state what the two were arguing about or what led to the assault but T.S. was arrested for punching W.L. in the face while he was in town to visit the daughter that the two have together. The pair had an affair several years ago while W.L. was still married to his wife. T.S. became pregnant and gave birth to a daughter. W.L. divorced his wife and dated T.S. for a short time but eventually called it quits after a rocky relationship. Shortly after the split, W.L. agreed to pay T.S. nearly $10 million over the next ten years (through 2017) as part of a child support and visitation settlement. Part of the agreement requires that T.S. move to California (she lives in the Los Angeles area) and only come to New York where W.L. resides for no more than two weeks a year. The agreement also stipulates that T.S. give W.L. six week's notice before visiting NY. At one point T.S. took W.L. to court because he allegedly tried to cancel the agreement but it is not known if this matter was what the former couple argued over when she allegedly punched him. W.L. decided to press charges and T.S. was arrested, charged with domestic violence and then released on $50,000 bond. She pled guilty to misdemeanor domestic violence and was ordered to pay nearly $2,000 in fines and serve 19 days of community service with three years probation. She recently completed her community service commitment which was at least partially served by doing litter removal and clean up in Santa Monica. A divorce attorney may be able to help you with your domestic violence case.

Get the Help of a Compassionate Culver City Domestic Violence Lawyer

Domestic violence cases like many divorce cases are very emotional for both parties involved. Having skilled legal help on your side that you can trust can make a great deal of difference in the outcome of your situation. An attorney on our team at Widger & Widger, APLC has successfully handled a variety of domestic abuse or assault cases and the divorce, child custody or other issues that often go along with such matters. Likewise, if you have been accused of harming your significant other simply as a ploy to make you look bad then we may be able to ensure that your character is not attacked based on unfounded, trumped up or simply false accusations. Please contact our law offices now to schedule a free initial consultation.

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