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California Parenting Rights

By Widger & Widger, APLC  Jul. 1, 2013 10:05a

In today's world, mothers no longer have preconceived rights to child custody. Whether it is put into practice by every judge on a daily basis, California law states child custody is a matter that is determined on the basis of what is in the best interests of the child. Neither the mother nor the father has prejudicial favor with the court. This is true whether the parents are married or not. California courts are expected to foster child custody and parenting plans that allow the child to have a continuing and meaningful relationship with both parents unless there is a valid reason not to do so.

Parenting rights can be violated in many ways. These can include false or exaggerated accusations made against one parent as part of a domestic violence incident. To intimidate or gain the upper hand, one parent can threaten the other with claims that he or she will never be able to see the child again. One parent can deny the other valid visitation rights that have been approved by the court, make excuses as to why a child cannot be seen, or conveniently not be at home or deliver the child to the other when promised.

Other ways in which parental rights can be violated include an ex-spouse threatening to relocate in another city or state which would make it impossible to maintain a parental relationship. Creating parental alienation is another tactic which can be used by one parent against the other. It generally consists of one parent speaking in derogatory terms about the other to the child, causing the child reject that parent based on reports that he or she is responsible for the breakup of the family, financial problems, and other negative conditions.

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Those who have seen their parenting rights violated in any of the above ways should seek the legal advice and guidance of a knowledgeable family law attorney. You may need an assertive legal advocate to protect your rights in court. Your ex-spouse or the other parent of your child cannot deny your parenting rights; only a court has that power based on valid and substantiated evidence.

The divorce and family law firm of Widger & Widger, APLC is located in Culver City and serves clients in and around the greater Los Angeles area. The legal team has more than 18 years of combined experience in this practice field and has represented countless clients throughout its history. No matter how complex or difficult your case may appear to be, you should get proper legal guidance regarding it. The firm handles all types of family law matters, from divorce to child custody disputes, fathers' rights, grandparents' rights, prenuptial agreements, the enforcement of child support orders and other court orders, domestic violence, and more. Contact the firm for a free, initial consultation about your family legal problem to get started towards an effective resolution.

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